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When I was a prosecutor in the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office from 1985 to 1989 , I handled scores of cases involving child sex abuse, including rape; sodomy; aggravated sexual battery; indecent liberties; carnal knowledge; sexual battery; child pornography; marital rape; animate object sexual penetration; and a host of other sex crimes and offenses. Many of those cases went to jury trials and many others were guilty pleas and bench trials. I won jury trial after jury trial for many years.

After I left that office and went into private practice. I have defended over a hundred serious felony sex crime cases, many to juries. I won jury trial after jury trial for many years in private practice. I have probably handled more of these cases than any other lawyer in this area. Take one look at my case histories section and you can see the results I have achieved.

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Being convicted of a sex crime carries two kinds of serious penalties:

  • Criminal penalties include jail time or prison and a lifetime of sex offender registration
  • The social stigma associated with sex crimes may lead to loss of a job, estrangement from family, and divorce

Sex crimes often carry long jail sentences and required registration as a sex offender for life. The stakes are enormous. Call me today at (757) 785-0201 to arrange for a free case overview and learn your options. In sex crimes cases, early intervention by an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a tremendous difference in a case, especially when accusations of child sex abuse are involved. If you have been contacted by Child Protective Services, Department of Social Services, or by the police, or you believe that you may be under investigation by the police, get immediate legal help and advice.

Defense Strategies in Sex Crimes Cases

As a former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, City of Virginia Beach, I am well-versed on how prosecutors prepare sex crimes cases, and on the challenges and problems that a case might involve. For example, some people bring false charges of sexual assault to cover up consensual sex if it would be damaging to the person’s family. False charges can also be brought to seek revenge or to punish someone for a perceived wrong.

Former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Protecting the Rights of the Accused

I have more than 30 years of experience in the criminal justice system handling sex crimes cases across the Commonwealth of Virginia. I can defend against any and all sex crimes charges, including:

Sexual Battery and Sexual Assault
Aggravated Sexual Battery
Child Molestation
Indecent Exposure
Animate and Inanimate Penetration
Carnal Knowledge
Indecent Liberties
Solicitation of a Minor

From my offices in Virginia Beach, I represent residents, college students, military personnel, and tourists arrested for sex offenses while on vacation in Virginia Beach or other cities in the Virginia Beach area. If you hold a job that requires licensure or a security clearance, you may find that your job is impacted by a sex crime conviction. Due to the serious and sensitive nature of your case, I strongly advise you to retain my immediate representation. I will do everything within my power in order to protect your future and defend your rights, allowing you to rest easier.

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