Justice for All with Host Attorney George Holton Yates

Attorney George Holten Yates is the host of Justice for All, a radio show on WHKT 1650 am. He uses this as a platfrom to allow guests to voice concerns relating to privacy issues, mass incarceration, indigent defense, racial discriminaltion, capital punishment terrorism, and fairness. Attorney Yates is proud to advance the cause of justice reform in both criminal and civil law. Listen in to WHTK Freedom 1650 AM Radio or to the videos below to hear George Holton Yates, P.C., on the air as the host of the Justice for All.

Testimonials from guests of Justice for All

Although it has only been a few days since I appeared on your radio show, the response I have received has been a complete and very welcome surprise. Former colleagues of mine, friends and attorneys have called and written to me saying how much they enjoyed my interview with you. Most of the compliments were for the very professional and insightful way you asked the questions.

You are a very intelligent host who makes your guests feel comfortable and it was obvious that you had researched my book and my background and were totally prepared to conduct one of the very best interviews I have ever had.

It was a pleasure appearing on your show and if you received anything like the response I received about the show I will gladly return some time in the future.

-Hon. Peter M. Leavitt
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Thank you for making me feel so welcome on your show and your interview style certainly calmed my initial nerves. I would love to come back on the show an discuss middle east terroism with you as well as judicairy. Thanks again and speak soon.

-David Lowe
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