DUI and Refusal Tips

Common mistakes people make in DUI arrests:

Drinking too much in the first place

Taking the wheel when a cab would have been the smart move

Not asking a friend for a ride

Speeding late at night after drinking

Weaving in and out of the lane

Not making sure their headlights were on

Not checking to see if their license tag light was out

Not going one mile an hour under the limit in the right hand lane all the way home

Having a strong odor of alcohol about them ( ever hear of mouthwash?)

Letting the officer talk them into taking field sobriety tests (never take them nobody can pass!!)

Refusing to take the Preliminary breath test , the one given at the scene (it can’t be used against you)

Taking the field sobriety tests( yes I said this twice! Don’t take these roadside gymnastic tests, ever!)

Telling the officer,”I’m drunk”, “I had too much” or similar admissions of guilt

Not taking the breath test at the station when they might have blown under .08

Taking the breath test when the result is over .15 (jail is mandatory upon a conviction)

Not hiring a lawyer right away because they don’t think they need one

Getting another DUI while on bond for the first one

Continuing to drink and drive after being arrested for it

Going through late night drive-thrus and toll booths ( air out the car first!)

For more of these tips give me a call, i have hundreds more.

Be careful out there!!


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