justice for all radio show recap

George Yates is the host of a weekly radio show on 1650AM called Justice for All. Each week, he takes on a timely new topic with a variety of guests including experienced trial lawyers, authors, and more! Here is a recap of some of his most recent shows:

Guest- Harvey McGregor

Listen to our International Law Edition of Justice for All with Queen’s Counsel Barrister Harvey McGregor, C.B.E., Q.C., author of the definitive book on Civil Damages, “McGregor on Damages”, 19th edition, 2014. Invested by the Queen of England this year in July as a Commander of the British Empire. MrGregor, now in his eighties, still practices law and updates his book on Damages, which has been the standard throughout the British Commonwealth for over 50 years. We are honored by his appearance on the show.

Part 2 of Harvey McGregor’s Interview

Guest- J. Cheney Mason

The Casey Anthony murder trial dominated the news for more than two years. The media and the public had already pronounced her guilty. The jury thought otherwise, and acquitted her of murder in a case where the State of Florida sought the death penalty. Listen to this riveting account from one of her lawyers, veteran criminal defense lawyer Cheney Mason, author of “Justice in America”, as he chastises the prosecution, the media, and the judge for their misbehavior.

Part 2 of J. Cheney Mason’s Interview

Guest- David Diamond

Justice For All With Host Attorney George Yates Interviews David Diamond Criminal Defense Attorney From Los Angeles, CA Listen as They dicuss topics such as Felonies, Misdemeanors , DUIs, Search and Secure & also Jury Trials

Guest- Dr. Neil Pugach

Justice For All With Host Attorney George Yates interviews Board Certified Neurologist and Headache Specialist about head injuries suffered from motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults, and, of course, concussions sustained by football players.

Listen as Personal Injury Trial Lawyer George Holton Yates and Dr. Pugach discuss concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries in the NFL and by accident victims, and the book “League of Denial”. Entertaining and informative!

Guest- Nick Yarris

Veteran criminal defense lawyer George H. Yates interviews Nick Yarris as he describes his 21 years on death row for a murder he never committed. Exonerated by DNA evidence, Yarris is the author of “7 Days to Live,” a riveting account of his years behind bars as his struggle against all odds to prove his innocence.

Guest- Dr. Jeffrey Fredericks

Veteran criminal defense and personal injury lawyer George H. Yates interviews nationally acclaimed trial consultant, Dr. Jeffrey Frederick, about how the top trial attorneys select juries in Virginia and across the country in both civil and criminal cases.

Guest- Boyd Lemon

In this Episode, trial attorney George H.Yates interviews former legal malpractice expert Boyd Lemon about his days as a lawyer and his new career as an author of novel “A Long Way to Contentment.”

Guest- Jim Zirin

Former prosecutor and veteran trial attorney George H. Yates interviews former federal prosecutor and white-collar criminal defense lawyer James D. Zirin about his new book “The Mother Court,” an entertaining “biography” of the nation’s oldest federal court in lower Manhattan. Hear two experienced criminal and civil trial attorneys discuss some of the most famous cases American history, including Ethyl and Julius Rosenburg, Roy Cohn, mobsters, and more!

Guest- Joshua Horwitz

Host George H. Yates interviews Joshua Horowitz, author of “War of the Whales,” “one of the best books I’ve read all year,” says Yates. The book is a fascinating account of how whales navigate, hunt, and mate explains how the underwater activities of the U.S. Navy endanger the very survival of these highly evolved mammals who have ruled the seas for over 30 million years.

Guest- Stanley Friedman

Listen as two experienced criminal defense lawyers discuss legal defenses to the crime of homicide; self-defense, heat of passion, and mistaken identity, all in the context of the trial of Oscar Pistorius, the South African athlete charged with the murder of his supermodel girlfriend.

Guest- Richard Gabriel

Criminal defense lawyer George H. Yates has a lively, entertaining talk with Richard Gabriel, who had a seat at the table as a member of the successful O.J. Simpson trial team. More recently he consulted on the Casey Anthony trial in Florida. His new book, “Acquittal,” is a must-read according to Yates.

Guest- Rear Admiral Earl P. “Buddy” Yates

Tune In to this Special 4th of July weekend edition of Justice For All as George Yates Does another Special interview With His Father Earl P.”Buddy” Yates as he talks about growing up in the Great Depression, Flying with Chuck Yager and Much More.

Guest- William Binney

In this podcast listen as Host George Yates Interviews NSA Whistlebloer William Binney as they talk about multiple topics on the NSA and how they could be listening in on you and other’s phone calls and more.

Guest- Michael Blanding

In This Podcast George Yates Interviews Author of “The Map Thief : The Gripping Story of an esteemed Rare-Map Dealer Who Made Millions Stealing Priceless maps” Michael Blanding As they Discuss His newely released book

Guest- Rear Admiral Earl P. “Buddy” Yates

Special Father’s Day Edition With My Dad, The First C.O Of The USS. John F. Kennedy And A Member Of The “Greatest Generation.”

Guest- Chris Simmons

Listen To This Special Interview With Spy Catcher, Counter Terrorism Expert and founder of the online Cuban Intelligence Research Center Discusses Interrogation Techniques of “Human Chess.”

Guest- Joel Joseph

Author of “Black Mondays, The Worst Decisions Of The Supreme Court” Joel Joseph Discusses “Citizens United” and other Bad Decisions Of The U.S Supreme Court.

Guest- Sarah Blum

Criminal Sex Crimes Defense Specialist and former Prosecutor George Yates interviews Sarah Blum about sex crimes, abuse and rape in the military. Sarah is a decorated nurse Vietnam veteran who earned the Army Commendation Medal. Sarah is a practicing nurse psychotherapist with over 28 years experience working with PTSD and trauma resolution. She not only has a lot of information about the problem but also offers up possible solutions to this growing problem in our military.

Listen to the one hour Q and A session between Sarah and George. Some of the stories are heart wrenching to say the least.

Sarah is author of the book “Women Under Fire, Abuse in the Military” Her website is http://womenunderfire.net/

Guest- Ed Power

George interviews Ed Power from Inside Business, The Hampton Roads Business Journal. Ed reveals the Power List 75 people who shape and influence Hampton Roads Virginia. George and Ed talk about the 2013 List and there have been some major falls as well as huge leaps this year. Get the inside scoop on what’s happening in the business community of Hampton Roads. Ed Power. the publisher is in the know and his site, http://insidebiz.com/ is loaded with content for those wanting to deep dive into the Hampton Roads Business Community.

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