Second DUI/DWI Charge in Virginia Beach

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You have every right to fight your charges and get your life back on track immediately following an arrest for DUI or DWI. There are various avenues for your defense and you do not have to face the battle alone. Our attorney, George Holton Yates, is a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer and a former prosecutor. We know our way around the courtroom and can use that to give you the upper hand when it comes to fighting a charge as serious as a second DUI.

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Penalties for a Second DUI

The penalties for a first-time DUI conviction are heavy enough as it is. A second DUI only further complicates the matter, as the penalties become even more enhanced. Virginia has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country. If someone is convicted of a second DWI, a Class 1 misdemeanor, that person faces losing their reputation, ability to gain employment, and even travel to another country.

The penalties for a second DUI include:

  • Fine of $500
  • Driver’s license revoked for at least 3 years
  • Mandatory attendance in an Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)
  • Jail sentence of up to 1 year, with a minimum of 10 days if your last conviction was within 10 years
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device, if the last conviction was within the last 10 years.

By having a Virginia Beach DUI attorney on your side, your chances of fighting your charges increase significantly. We have handled a wide range of DUI and DWI cases and know what to anticipate when it comes time to trial. We take each case seriously and use the information we have gained to build an effective defense strategy.

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Our attorney is Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) as a Criminal Trial Specialist and has more than 30 years of experience. With an impressive track record of success and a dedication to getting results, we know the effort it takes to get your charges reduced or even dropped!

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