Justice For All Radio Show With Host Attorney George Yates & Guest Innocence Project Part 1

For more than two decades, the dedicated lawyers from the Innocence Project have been the only voice for many wrongfully convicted persons serving time in our prisons. In this interview Katie Monroe and Shawn Armbrust share knowledge and dramatic experiences in helping the innocent obtain freedom. Topics include Virginia pest conviction procedure, DNA Testing, eyewitness identification, “Picking Cotton”, Thomas Haynesworth, and their efforts to reform the criminal justice system to make it more just for criminal defendants, victims, and the public. For more information on the Innocence Project, go to http://www.innocenceproject.org/. More information on the science eyewitness identification can be found in “Identifying the Culprit”, http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record…. Thank you Katie and Shawn, and many thanks to Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, the co-founders of the Innocent Project. For more information on Host Attorney George Yates, go to www.ghylaw.com.