Justice For All Radio Show With Host Attorney George Yates & Guest Marjorie Cohn

This guest is one of the top Criminal Defense Lawyers in the country, a former Court TV analyst, and a Law Professor in San Diego. She wrote the first edition of this book in the mid 90’s in the wake of the OJ Simpson trial, and this recent edition is updated with recent developments in the televising of trials in the US. In 1988, I was then an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in the City of Virginia Beach, and I prosecuted what was then the first trial ever televised in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Commonwealth v Wilmoth. This was a murder case that had lots of drama; a dead husband with multiple stab wounds, what appeared to be a staged scene with overturned furniture(a la “Gone Girl”) , a self defense claim of battered woman syndrome, or a form of PTSD, Life insurance funny business, and the defendant’s best friend even testified against her ! There was something for everybody in this case, and it was all on TV.The jury convicted her of manslaughter and gave her 12 years. I left to form my own practice not long after that, that was a tough act to follow! I’ve seen cameras in the courtroom plenty ever since. Some lawyers love them and some hate them. But they are here to stay. Thanks to Professor Cohn for being a guest again on our show. Go to www.ghylaw.com for more shows.