George Yates With Justice For All Radio Show & Guest NACDL president Gerry Morris

This week it is my privilege to hang out with one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Texas, current President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, E.G. “Gerry” Morris, from Austin. We talk about the recent NACDL report on the sorry state of indigent defense in the country, and we also discuss forensic reform and the mass data collection methods currently employed against ordinary Americans. This podcast is part of an ongoing series I am having with top representatives of the NACDL, the preeminent organization of the Criminal Defense Bar nationwide. Go to www. for more info or for info on Attorney Yates. Gerry Morris can be located at Thanks for listening and tell your friends! Every week we chat with top legal experts. I ask for their ideas on criminal justice reform, and their stories of their lifetimes in Court. its entertaining and informative.