Traffic Violations in Virginia Beach

Anything from Speeding Tickets to Suspended Licenses

Law enforcement agencies use traffic tickets to make citizens aware of traffic laws in order to protect other citizens around them and to ensure a steady traffic flow. Sometimes it is more convenient to let a citation or ticket be taken care of by an experienced traffic attorney in Virginia Beach.

No matter big or small, we can assist with your traffic case. Call us for more details at (757) 785-0201.

Like many drivers, you may be uncertain of your rights when you receive a traffic ticket. Like most drivers, you may simply pay your traffic tickets, without knowing that you are receiving points on your driver’s license that may carry long-term consequences.

These consequences can include:

  • Increased insurance rates
  • Loss of driving privileges

Former Prosecutor Protecting the Rights of Drivers

As your experienced traffic ticket defense attorney, we can represent individuals who have received traffic citations anywhere in Virginia Beach, including the South side, Peninsula, and Eastern Shore. At George Holton Yates, Attorneys At Law, P.C. in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we work to prevent driver’s license suspension, to mitigate any additional points on your record, and to protect your driving privileges.

We represent local residents, truck drivers, and tourist who have received traffic tickets for:

What can a Virginia Beach traffic ticket attorney do for you?

If you get a traffic ticket, a traffic charge defense attorney can appear for you at a hearing, challenge the law enforcement officer to prove the infraction beyond a reasonable doubt, and minimize the damage to your driving record. As your traffic ticket attorneys, we may be able to get the court to allow you to take a driving school option when you may be ineligible.

There are many benefits to consider when retaining a traffic ticket attorney in Virginia Beach. At George Holton Yates, Attorneys At Law, P.C., we are led by a Virginia Beach defense attorney who has been doing this for years. We are prepared to offer you other choices and to represent you in a court of law for anything from a speeding ticket to driving with a suspended license.

We will not treat the citation as a simple infraction of the law because we know there could be permanent consequences, such as:

  • Assessed points on your driver’s license
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Possible mandatory class attendance
  • Possible jail sentence

On the wrong side of the law? Call (757) 785-0201

As your traffic ticket attorneys, we will handle any traffic violation, including those related to a DUI offense. If you have received a traffic citation in Virginia Beach, we can represent your interest in a Virginia Court of law.

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