Justice for All Radio Show with Host Attorney George Yates & Guest Attorney Mike Tillotson (Part

DUI / Drunk Driving Defense Special! In this broadcast, Attorney George Yates, a Criminal Defense Attorney and former prosecutor and veteran of over 1000 DUI defense trials, interviews DUI Defense Attorneys Michael Tillotson and Stephen Jones. Tillotson is a DUI Defense Specialist from Newport News and is the author of the Virginia Practice manual on Virginia DUI Law. Jones, of Boston, Mass., is the Dean of the National College for DUI Defense. Listen as these 3 Experienced DUI Defense Attorneys discuss: DUI Law, Traffic stops, Field Sobriety Tests, Breathalyzer Science, Refusals, Defenses to DUI, Penalties, Miranda warnings, choice of judge or jury, use of expert witnesses and more… You can learn more about Mike Tillotson on his website www.dui.com. For more information about DUI and Attorney George Yates visit his website at ghylaw.com.