Justice For All Radio Show With Host Attorney George Yates & Guest Author Bill Browder

Browder tells the true story of the crimes being committed by Vladimer Putin and his thugs in present day Russia , and Browder’s fight to avenge the murder by Russian authorities of Sergei Magnitsky, Browder’s lawyer. Browder was the largest foreign investor in Russia as head of the Hermitage Fund , but his discovery of corruption and his attempts to expose this corruption got Browder thrown out of the country and led to the murder of Magnitsky. Browder was convicted in absentia in a Russian court after his lawyer had been tortured and murdered. Browder is now a human rights advocate and was instrumental in getting Congress in 2012 to pass laws to punish the Oligarchs who killed Magnitsky. Browder joins our show from London. A Red Notice is an arrest warrant from Interpol. Three of these were issued by Russia for Browder even though his only crime was trying to stop rampant theft and corruption. These warrants were never served because Western governments refused to acknowledge the validity of his conviction. This book reads like a thriller.