Justice For All Radio Show With Host Attorney George Yates & Guest Charles Sevilla

For the lighter side of the law, this week we interviewed Charles Sevilla and featured his latest book, “Law and Disorder”, his third installment in a series of funny books about actual laugh out loud proceedings in our nation’s courts. Sevilla, a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer, has 2 other books, “Disorderly Conduct” and “Disorder in the Court”. All 3 books contain humorous courtroom cartoons. We had a good time just reading exerts from the book and laughing. It really is fun practicing law sometimes. Thanks to Chuck for being on the show. We look forward to his next book. More information about Criminal Defense Attorney and Author Chuck Sevilla can be found at http://www.charlessevilla.com/. More information about Criminal Defense & Personal Attorney George H. Yates, the host of Justice for All, can be found at https://www.ghylaw.com/.