Justice For All Radio Show with Host Attorney George Yates & Guest NSA Whistleblower William Bin

Long before Edward Snowden released classified information, William Binney reported abuses of privacy by the US government, and the NSA . Your Host Trial lawyer Yates and Binney discuss the FISA court, the Church commission, the CIA, and domestic spying in general. Are we surprised we are being spied on? Should we care? Binney says we should. He says it is not legitimate. Binney says the spying is for law enforcement and not terrorism. All this spying is shared with local law enforcement. We should all be very careful about what we say and email. And not just because we are or are not breaking the law, it is an illegal invasion of our privacy. It is unconstitutional. It is all being listened to ladies and gentlemen! Everything!! Does that bother you? It bothers us!! Call George Holton Yates at 757-491-8800. Email gyates@ghylaw.com. Thanks for listening. You can find out more about Attorney George Yates and the show Justice for All at www.ghylaw.com.