Justice For All Radio Show with Host Attorney George Yates & Guest Richard Gabriel

Criminal defense lawyer George Holton Yates has a lively, entertaining talk with Trial Consultant Richard Gabriel, who had a seat at the table as a member of the successful O.J. Simpson trial team. His new book, “Acquittal,” is a must-read according to Yates. Gabriel peels the curtain back on how jurors view and decide cases. He talks about the cases, the lawyers, the media, and how the lawyer can best find a path to the result he wants in the case. Gabriel does juror interviews and helps lawyers formulate a case strategy for victory. H e is a nationally recognized authority and we are honored to have him as a guest. An amazing interview with a legal All-Star. Call George Holton Yates at 757-491-8800 or email at gyates@ghylaw.com. Buy the book “Acquittal” at Amazon.com. Thanks for listening. Find out more information about guest Richard Gabriel here: http://www.decisionanalysisinc.com/?option=com_content&view=article&id=55:richard-gabriel&catid=39:consultant-profiles&Itemid=55