Justice For All Radio Show With Host Attorney George Yates

This show was the year end recap show. We didn’t have any guests so Virginia Beach Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney George Holton Yates spent the show talking about the end of his first year on the radio.Over the course of our first year we discussed a lot of different topics with some very interesting and talented guests.We had DUI/DWI experts on the show and discussed DUI law and traffic defense. Sexual assault and rape in the military. Alcoholics and their families. White collar criminal defense specialists like Robert Fiske, Jr. Experienced criminal defense lawyers like Cheney Mason from Florida and Stanley Friedman and David Diamond from California. We had the trial consultant in the OJ Simpson case on the show, and we had two University of Virginia Law professors, Brandon Garrett and William Fredericks. Fredericks is an expert on Jury trials. Garrett is an expert on eyewitness identification and Corporate prosecutions. I had my Dad on the show, Admiral E.P. Yates. The Innocence Project folks came on and we learned a lot about actual innocence! Thank you for a great year. Listen to our back shows and tune in at 2 on Saturdays for Justice for All