how to get out of anything

I think that is a great title for a blog since isn’t that why you are on this site? Or on any criminal defense lawyer’s site? You’re charged with something, and you need to find a way through this situation.  Well, we are here to help you navigate these troubled seas.

Getting out of something will of course depend on what it is you’re trying to get out of.  Is it a DUI or shoplifting? Domestic Assault?  I can get you out of  shoplifting and domestic assault  almost every single time. DUI is a little more problematic I admit, but more doable than you may think. It takes a little different approach and the DUI will be a more fact specific defense as opposed to shoplifting  which is all so similar it seems. Remember that shoplifting in this city isn’t prosecuted by the Commonwealth so I will have to deal with LPO’s directly. I know most of them. Domestic assault and battery is prosecuted by the Commonwealth, so we will work with that office to get you out of it. And we will get you out of it most of the time. There are exceptions of course but rarely. Call me I can help you.

Some basics though. If its a DUI,  quit drinking now if you can. If it’s shoplifting, then get back on your meds if you stopped taking them. Be nice to your spouse as well . You will want them on your side in a Domestic situation.  In fact, if any of your issues come from overmedicating, undermedicating, or medicating with alcohol then I can get you some consideration based on these facts. Whatever behavior got you to this page, Stop It!

Look I can get you out of anything, but it requires us to work together. More on this later. Call Me.