what to do if you get pulled over for a dui

One of the most frightening and stressful situations in our lives is getting arrested for a DUI. A conviction can result in lengthy jail time, expensive fines, extensive license suspension and a permanent mark on your criminal record. Hiring an experienced Virginia Beach DUI attorney greatly increases your chances of having the charges reduced or even dismissed. But even before you are arrested, it’s important to act accordingly to avoid negatively affecting your case if it reaches court.

The following are steps you should abide by once you are detained by law enforcement:

  • Be polite throughout the entire process. Cooperate with the police officer’s wishes and have your license, registration and proof of insurance readily available for inspection.
  • Avoid answering questions which may incriminate you. For example, if you are asked “Have you been drinking?” You may reply by either saying “No,” if you know that your BAC level isn’t at 0.08%. Or you could say that you have been advised by your attorney not to answer that question without their presence.
  • Don’t participate in field sobriety tests (FST). These tests are subjective, meaning that there are no proper way of analyzing and accessing the results, pass or fail. They are designed to help officers establish probable cause and gather further evidence of your intoxication.
  • Implied consent rule regarding blood or breath test. If you refuse to take a blood or breath test in Virginia, your license is automatically suspended for one year. A second or third offense within a decade results in a three year suspension.
  • Gather witnesses, such as passenger in your car, the last person you encountered prior to your arrest, or any spectators who happen to witness the arrest.
  • Write everything down. Court cases are won and lost based on small details. Having an exact record of the arrest, from the time, location, officer’s actions to how many drinks you had, can determine the outcome of your case.

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