why you should hire a lawyer even if you think you’re guilty

The world of law can be incredibly complicated, which is part of why attorneys are necessary. The wording of the law can be detailed and complex, and usually, only people who have studied this type of language for years are equipped to understand it. Each person’s case can be subtly different, even if they have committed the same crime. Likewise, even if you think you’re guilty, you may be overlooking some detail a sharp-eyed attorney can see.

For example, the legal system is set up so, ideally, only the guilty are convicted. However, many people have been convicted when they are entirely innocent, and many people who are altogether culpable have been released because of insufficient evidence. The justice system relies on a system of checks and balances to ensure the process is as fair as possible. If a prosecutor doesn’t have enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you are guilty, he or she has no business bringing a case against you.

You need a skilled Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney on your side to examine every facet of your case to make sure you’re getting an entirely fair trial. You may not be able to afford a guilty verdict—literally. Some verdicts come with a punishment involving high legal fees. If you prefer to serve a jail sentence rather than pay the fine, your attorney may be able to make that deal for you.

Talk to Attorney Yates about your situation as soon as possible. He can offer you experienced advice regarding your best legal course of action. Hiring an attorney can help you avoid situations you may not anticipate. Let us see what we can do for you.

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