dui and refusal tips

Common mistakes people make in DUI arrests:

  • Drinking too much in the first place
  • Taking the wheel when a cab would have been the smart move
  • Not asking a friend for a ride
  • Speeding late at night after drinking
  • Weaving in and out of the lane
  • Not making sure their headlights were on
  • Not checking to see if their license tag light was out
  • Not going one mile an hour under the limit in the right hand lane all the way home
  • Having a strong odor of alcohol about them ( ever hear of mouthwash?)
  • Letting the officer talk them into taking field sobriety tests (never take them nobody can pass!!)
  • Refusing to take the Preliminary breath test , the one given at the scene (it can’t be used against you)
  • Taking the field sobriety tests( yes I said this twice! Don’t take these roadside gymnastic tests, ever!)
  • Telling the officer,”I’m drunk”, “I had too much” or similar admissions of guilt
  • Not taking the breath test at the station when they might have blown under .08
  • Taking the breath test when the result is over .15 (jail is mandatory upon a conviction)
  • Not hiring a lawyer right away because they don’t think they need one
  • Getting another DUI while on bond for the first one
  • Continuing to drink and drive after being arrested for it
  • Going through late night drive-thrus and toll booths ( air out the car first!)

For more of these tips give me a call, i have hundreds more.

Be careful out there!!