interview with david merkatz

We had a spirited and entertaining interview with David Merkatz last Saturday on JFA. I might have been a little hard on David, not my usual tone with guests, but he was a real sport about it. And I have to say that his story is not that uncommon. That of the criminal defendant who pleads guilty to a crime he doesn’t think he is guilty of because he is afraid of the consequences of a trial, and just can’t afford the costs of trial. This has been written about quite a bit lately, with some very important and influential people lamenting the fact that 95% of cases end up in guilty pleas. Before you plead guilty to a crime you didn’t commit, make sure you have gone over the facts and the elements of the crime with your lawyer. Explore the possibility that you just might win if the case goes to trial! Be fully informed. Read David’s book, “Wrongly Charged”. It’s a lot of fun to read and be sure to listen to my interview with David Merkatz on this website at
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